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Wellness Brands We Love: Yoke

Wellness Brands We Love: Yoke

When looking for a product that inspires the ‘take a moment’ mindset that we wanted to create for our Mind, Body, Spirit gift boxes, Yoke’s collection came to mind. Using Ayurveda, a 5,000-year old natural healing science from India grounded in the premise that the mind, body and environment synthesize to create a holistic vision of well-being, their products truly inspire the mindfulness that we hope to bring to our gifts.

Yoke is a modern holistic tradepost that creates refined goods for the conscious journey out of sunny Venice, California. Yoke was founded by Tamara Jones, and her mantra and mission through Yoke is to create such a platform for blending the outer and inner journey, which is all of their goods are socially and spiritually motivated, designed to honor this journey.

Rooted in the foundations of Yoga and Ayurvda, each product line is made with intention, led by the wisdom of ancient cultures, and crafted seasonally through sustainable practices. We especially love their Flow Balancing Perfume Oil, Ritual Incense and Rose Adaptogenic Bath + Body Oil, included in our Mind, Body, Spirit gift boxes.

These products provide a sense of spiritual energies and healing that inspire a greater feeling of warmth and calmness that truly create such a beautiful gift to give a blushing bride, a best friend, or any inspiring woman in your life.

Photography: Simone LeBlanc Studio 

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