Minimal Modern: Norden Ceramics

Minimal Modern: Norden Ceramics

One of the (many) things that keep us inspired around here is the discovery of great products and the encounter of true craftsmanship along the way. With masculine - minded gifting on our minds in the spirit of Father’s Day, we thought it was the perfect time to share with you why we love one of our long-time vendors, Norden Goods. 

It’s not often we come across a company who’s collection authentically demonstrates a conviction to craftsmanship, longevity, and process. Husband and wife team Erika and Pete founded Norden Goods with the purpose to create products that feel like they were designed specifically for you, a discovery of something meaningful that you'll keep with you throughout your life. The result is a refined collection of goods with an earthy modernism and (we think) slightly masculine bent. 

You may have read about our love of their Ojai candle. Its fragrance is a mix of frankincense, earthy patchouli, and the citrus woody scent of burning palo santo. Hand poured soy wax all served up in hand-thrown ceramic vessel thrown in their Southern California studio. 

They’ve recently expanded their collection to tabletop items, planters, throws and more; all with the same balanced, polished take on home goods. 

With simplicity, longevity and a distinctive point of view in mind, we designed our Handsome Essentials Deluxe gift box. We included the Oresund candle as it so effortlessly highlights the masculine sensibility that we love.

We think Norden does the job of capturing that certain, special feeling in every product they make. We love this about them and hope that you do, too. 

Photography: Simone LeBlanc Studio + Norden


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