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Molly Sims 'Everyday Chic' | Our Inspiration Behind the Gifts

Molly Sims 'Everyday Chic' | Our Inspiration Behind the Gifts

When my friend Molly reached out to me to join in celebrating the launch of her new book, I jumped at the chance. Having previously collaborated with Molly and the lovely event designer Stefanie Cove, I knew the evening would be stunning; filled with warmth and bright creative friends.

 Created especially for the event, our custom boxes were inspired by the elements that we all need (and want) in our own every day; a little bit of self-care, a little bit of cozy and a lot of easy-chic.

We were thrilled with the timing; with the launch of our new leather collection, we were able to gift coasters to our favorite people. Partnering with Goop, we included one of their Limited Edition candles.

Throughout the night we wrapped unique flower bundles for each guest at a banquet station in the garden; the warm floral colors reflected the surrounding the fall atmosphere. The night was a glamorous sneak peek into the wonderful Holiday events ahead.

The evening was such a beautiful success and we were honored to provide the gifts for all those in attendance. If you'd like to see more gorgeous photos of the evening, click here to view the journal post.


Shop the same coasters gifted at the event below; our leather coaster set is available individually and is also included in a variety of seasonal holiday gifts.