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DIY Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping

DIY Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping

The Japanese art of wrapping a gift in a reusable material is as resourceful as it is elegant. Hand-tied, possibly bound with a dried floral and a thoughtfully chosen fabric, it creates a cherished moment. For our Ember candle we chose a natural white linen cloth, a fabric that draws on simplicity and is elevated with a signature dried bundle. It is available to shop below, or we encourage you to try the steps below and wrap your own Furoshiki gifts this season.


A material that speaks to you or complements your gift or recipient. For a rugged gift, you could use a bandana or we love silk scarves and vintage napkins. If you plan to use them as part of a table setting, using fabric sample squares is a great solution to create unity.

How to wrap:

Lay your napkin or piece of fabric flat on a hard surface. Position your box in the middle of the fabric so each end lines up with a pointed corner.

Take the first corner of the fabric and bring it over the top of your box. Then take the other corner and bring it over top, taking the time to fold the corner underneath so it will not be hanging loosely over the side.

Bring the remaining corners of the fabric to the center of the box and tie into a knot to secure. In the center of this knot place the bouquet of flower and then use the remaining fabric ends to wrap around them and tie another knot.

There are a variety of Furoshiki wrap styles to accommodate your gift shape and size. For our candle, we chose to go with the simple tuck and tie, a look that worked well for the cylindrical shape.

Adding a floral can be a great way to dress up a simple fabric or a way to incorporate the season. We create moods with festive winter green or touches of gold leaves.