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Our DIY with Botanica Foods & Jenni Kayne

Our DIY with Botanica Foods & Jenni Kayne
I was recently invited to a l ovely, intimate Mother's Day lunch hosted by my friend Jenni Kayne and The Chalkboard Magazine. A lunch at Jenni's is a guaranteed good time; she has a warm and welcoming home that is always filled with friends, delicious food, and beautiful details. When Jenni and Suzanne (the creative mastermind at the helm of Chalkboard which is my go-to read for all things clean living) asked me to join in on the creative details, I jumped at the idea of making something special for the place settings and take away gift. 
I've been thinking about making a Floral Press for ages, and this was the perfect reason to do so. This is exactly the type of project I love - a simple, meaningful and unexpected gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. 
The table was set with a relaxed feel - a great setting for the delicious food from Honey Hi (a truly divine little eatery in Echo Park). 
I wanted the menus and place settings to feel simple and still reference the design of the floral press. Floral presses are reminiscent of an era gone by, so I loved the idea of a nod to antiquity mixed with a quiet, modern, minimalism. 
I've always loved a flower presses, and they're something I've enjoyed using many times over in my own life. They make a great gift to be shared through the years with your mom, daughter, or whoever really. 
In the studio, we created a kit with the essentials: the press, washi tape for adhering the florals once dried as well as labels to write the location, date, and type of flower to keep the memory. I've already gathered flowers for my daughter Lillian from a recent trip and I can't wait to frame the flowers once and write the details down for her once they're fully pressed. 
I wanted the press a small, handheld size so they could easily be brought on weekend outings and such. 

The essential how - to reference steps, of course. See below for the how - to. Trust me - it's a simple project and really brings so much joy to know you've captured the little moments in such a sweet way. 

What You’ll Need:

·       Fresh florals (Thinner, smaller blooms work best!)

·       Flower press

·       Tape

·       Labels

·       Frame and/or Journal 


Step One: First, blot your flowers with a tissue to remove any moisture or soil. Place the flowers you want to press in between the layers of paper. 

Step Two: Once the flowers are placed, slip the stack of chipboard and paper between the wood boards of a flower press and tighten the screws in each corner. Allow the flowers to dry in the press for 10-14 days.

Step Three: Gently peel back the paper layers to reveal the beautiful blooms. Pressed flowers look lovely in a frame or journal. Use washi tape to affix the flowers and label them to keep the memories. You can include date and location you picked them, or any other meaningful details.


Photography by Carley Rudd.


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