Well Received: At Home With Molly Sims

Well Received: At Home With Molly Sims

As part of our series, Well Received (you can read our first with Simone here), our friend special client Molly Sims - actor, model, lifestyle blogger, and stylish mom to three adorable little ones - graciously agreed to take home our new We Are Family Deluxe Gift Box and share her thoughts on how it fits into her bustling life with husband Scott and kids Brooks, Scarlett, and Grey.

No stranger to sharing her commitment to wellness, beauty, and parenting on her blog, we couldn’t think of a better person to dive into a box that is all about balancing family time with some stolen moments just for mama.  

While we love reading about all of her amazing ideas and inspiration, it’s her her frank, honest approach to discussing the challenges of being a busy working mom while trying to keep yourself (and her kids) healthy, centered, and happy that we appreciate the most.  And now Molly…

We designed this box for a mom like you who appreciates quality things and has a family to think about. Did a certain item stand out that you love?

I seriously am OBSESSED! I love how the box included the whole family. If I had to pick my fave (which is hard) I would definitely have to say the bear. It’s in Grey’s crib right now! So soft.

And those sheepskin booties!? How freakin’ adorable! I’m honestly wondering if they have them in my size. I love how it’s a mix of both things for the kids and something for the momma to relax. That eye pillow is EVERYTHING!

What’s your favorite way to spend mom + family time lately?

Honestly, I love to spend some quality time at home with them. Our favorite activity is waking up early on a Saturday to make pancakes and stay in our pajamas for most of the day. We also just recently went to Cabo for Spring Break. Vacations are another fun way to make those memories!

We’re so endlessly impressed by how you manage to keep your business up and still be out and about while having a fulfilling family life. How are you balancing me time with your growing beautiful brood of three?

Thank you! I’ll be honest--it not always easy and definitely takes practice. It’s all about balance to avoid a burn out. When I’m working, I’m all work. When I’m with them, I put down my phone and enjoy that quality time. It’s easier when I work from home -- which is a lot. And I’m able to include my kids in a lot of what I do (with my blog and YouTube channel). They have so much fun! Brooks likes to steal the show and completely hogs all camera time. Scarlett is beginning to get into it, too.

Do you have a mantra or quick go-to tip to make sure you can grab a moment of Molly-time? (ie. a workout, or a bubble bath)

I love a good spa day. Also, I’m a huge sleeper. If I need some “me” time, it’s normally a really good nap. I can honestly sleep anywhere. The aromatherapy eye pillow is going to be great to get a relaxing snooze in...especially when I travel!

I believe if you don’t take care of yourself, it’s hard to take care of others. I had to realize that when I became a mom for the first time. It’s so important.

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks Molly!

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Stay tuned for more Well Received stories soon.


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