Seasonal Wreath Gift Toppers for Holiday Gifting

Seasonal Wreath Gift Toppers for Holiday Gifting

The gifting season is here (how did that happen?!)  and as we get ready for the busy-ness up ahead, we began thinking about chic and simple ways to make this year's gifts truly special. The tradition of having a wreath on the front door or hanging above the hearth is one we cherish each year. Throughout history, the wreath has held meaning for the Fall and Winter months. Its circular shape represents an unending circle of life and the comfort of friends and family. We thought it would be a lovely idea to make decorative mini wreaths as gift toppers to kick off the coziness and celebrations to come. 

Supplies :
Seasonal Foliage 
Wild Grapevine Wreaths 
Velvet Ribbon
Floral Scissors

Some important tips before you start -
1. Start by building your foliage elements on the outer edges of your wreath and work your way into the center
2. Keep some of your branches and foliage long and wild to create a more natural look
3. Mix your textures and shades of foliage to add depth
4. Beautiful ribbon or a cluster of seasonal pods act as both a wonderful anchor and accent

First, you will want to be sure to cut all of your different foliage options to the correct size so it is easy to just pick and place on the wreath. We also gave some of ours a bit of luxe and sprayed them with gold paint. 

Next, you will want to begin inserting the foliage into the openings of the grapevine wreath. Don't worry, with a little pressure, the foliage will stay securely in place without any need for floral wire. 

Then, you will want to work your way around the wreath filling in with different foliage to give a natural and abundant presentation. 

Finally, once you are finished the wreath, use a bit of velvet ribbon to wrap it onto the top of your gift. 

Enjoy wrapping throughout the seasons! 

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