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Gifting Intentions | Celebrating New Babies

Gifting Intentions | Celebrating New Babies

Welcome to Gifting Intentions, a series exploring our expert tips for creating and giving, mindfully. This week: reflections on baby gifts given and received over the years.

A new baby entering the busy world is amongst the most joyful (and tiring!) of life moments, worth celebrating with enthusiasm and love. Some gestures from Lillian’s arrival continue resonating years later: meaningful gifts and moments that have stood the test of time, growing along with us.

Principles from our studio: give with the intention of alleviating stress and creating moments of relaxation for the growing family. Consider each member of the family individually. For baby, well-considered toys or traditional heirlooms are ideal in size and scope (hold off on anything large or loud). And when visiting in the first days home, be mindful of the clock, straighten up after playing with any older children or sharing a meal, and of course, offer to cuddle the baby so the new parents can rest their arms or take a few minutes to themselves.

Here, five simple and thoughtful ways to celebrate growing families.

  • Consider gifts to grow with. A personal inscription inside a quality edition of children’s verses, tales, or poems is a gift to be discovered anew throughout childhood. Consider Beatrix Potter, Hans Christian Anderson, or Shel Silverstein.
  • Keep it soft. Newborn skin is the most sensitive of all, so when gifting blankets, clothing, or plush toys, choose based on fiber quality. (It’s often difficult to distinguish this while shopping online: we’ve done the work for you, including only the finest fibers in our collection of baby gifts).
  • Bring some sustenance. Keeping up healthy eating habits can be a struggle in the first days of parenthood. Forgo the casserole dish and instead shop the farmer’s market for salad fixings- lettuces and veggies, prepared protein, seasonal seeds or dried fruit. Wrap up in a basket with a bottle of flavorful dressing and hearty loaf of bread on the side.
  • Indulge Mom. Small niceties and sundries are an thoughtful way to help support the transition into motherhood. Think: favorite paperbacks, cashmere socks, a lightly-scented candle, or a soothing lotion.
  • Make it easy for the family. Gifting an older child with an age-appropriate toy or book pulls double-duty as a gift of quiet and time for the new parents. Games for kids, coffee for dad, a relaxing eye pillow for mom, and of course something soft to cuddle for the new baby come together as a heartfelt gesture for the growing family.