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Gifting Intentions | Elevating the Everyday

Gifting Intentions | Elevating the Everyday

Welcome to Gifting Intentions, a series exploring our expert tips for creating and giving, mindfully. This week: elevating everyday experiences into memorable moments.

With a touch of thought and planning, inspired gifts can flourish from the details of daily life. A gesture given outside of expected occasions (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries) makes lasting impact and can serve as a touchstone for growing relationships.

A key to elevating the everyday: observing and collecting as a practice. Take a few minutes to think on the personalities that touch your life daily, noting any particular habits, passions, or stressors. With a bit of consideration, a simple gift given at an unexpected time can create a moment of joy.

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Here, our tips for creating memorable gestures inspired by the everyday.

  • Create an occasion. Think beyond the traditional to celebrate the small moments of daily life. An admiring neighbor may love some flowers or herbs gathered from the yard, left quietly on their doorstep. Coffee beans and new mug left poised on the counter becomes a perfect “thinking of you” gift for a busy spouse or partner. For an aspiring teenage poet: a journal to collect her words at the close of each day.
  • Think in multiples. Collections of everyday treasures can make beautiful gifts. Consider a stack of springtime seed packets, cherished novels ready for a new set of eyes, or a trio of vintage postcards.
  • Final touches add impact. Tied up in a ribbon, the everyday becomes elevated. A favorite quote written on a notecard creates context. Fabric remnants, rescued and repurposed as wrapping, take the gesture to an unexpectedly elegant level. A keepsake box makes for a gesture that continues to grow.
  • Stock up. Make in-the-moment gifting easy on yourself. Dedicate a space and keep small, versatile gifts at hand for when occasions or inspirations arise. Stock notecards, a quality pen, and solid-color wrapping paper and a range of grosgrain ribbons nearby for quick packaging.