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Gifting Intentions | Creating The Narrative

Gifting Intentions | Creating The Narrative

Welcome to Gifting Intentions, a series exploring our expert tips for creating and giving, mindfully. First up: simple steps to create a narrative gift-giving framework.

What is a narrative gift? A narrative gift is a gift with a story: a highly-considered gift rooted in experience and ritual. The perfect gift is something unexpected, yet at the same time on point and personal. It's meaningful, nuanced and resonates clearly and directly with the recipient.

This is the time to show how much you notice the details. It’s not about the budget necessarily, but insight. For example, a gift referencing your recipient's personal story shows depth and consideration- traits we can all strive for.

Here, our tips for creating thoughtful, story-driven gifts:

  • Create an experience out of a single moment. Use everyday rituals as a starting point for choosing unexpected gifts that build to a narrative experience. As a start, think about the individual steps involved in:
  • Remember, the sum is greater than the parts.  Alone, a simple candle makes a lovely gift. Combined with the requisite matches, the makings of a morning beverage, and a simple bundle of botanicals: you’ve gifted an entire story. Or to simplify, a well-chosen gift from our collection shows consideration and care.
  • Add an anecdote. A shared story, clever quip, or heartfelt quote penned on an available notecard ties a gift together with a thoughtful finishing touch.
  • Consider the timing. Often, a gift given outside of traditional holidays or celebrations contains more resonance. A long-delayed coffee date with a missed friend can be followed up with a simple “thinking of you” gift. A new grandmother may appreciate a small selection of baby items for her visiting grandchildren. An insightful gift tailored to these personal experiences will always contain both authenticity and care.
  • Seek a second opinion on the details. There’s no harm in engaging in a bit of backup from a trusted source.