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Wellness Brands We Love: Binu Binu

Wellness Brands We Love: Binu Binu

While on our quest for meaningful, enriching products to fill our reimagined Relaxation gift box, we’ve discovered a unique and deeply conscious brand that resonates with our give - well mantra of purposeful gifting and the art of care.

Binu Binu (which means “soap” in Korean) is a modern soap house inspired by the ritual of the Korean bath. They celebrate the idea of a vanity-free environment where people of all types are welcomed and connected by the foundational act of cleansing and self-care. We love this sense of long-standing tradition and simplicity. 

Each soap bar is handmade with tactile craftsmanship in small batches to maintain the integrity and uses only natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils. The base of each soap is crafted from "boricha", a benefit rich, roasted barley tea that’s a staple Korean homes.

Our Relaxation box represents the refined renewing experience, which we feel is so perfectly reflected in the Binu Binu mission and their rejuvenating products.  

Binu’s natural botanical products played a major part to inspire the offerings, tools, and treasures that we chose to create a gift that would ease us into those much-needed moments of self-care.

These gorgeous products truly highlight the same sort of refreshment that we hope to bring to our gifts. We present to you, Binu Binu soap.

Photography: Simone LeBlanc Studio + Binu Binu

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