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How to Be a Better Gift Giver This Season

How to Be a Better Gift Giver This Season

We really do believe in the magic of gift giving. There is something very special and meaningful about a gesture — big or small — that exists solely to share and express love and gratitude, to celebrate and enjoy. 

Here at Simone LeBlanc, we have a deep appreciation for objects and believe that they can carry amazing emotion and tell a story. Our shop allows us to explore this in a way that others can enjoy, experience, and appreciate, too! We love that aspect of the business so much.

And as much as it’s something we've learned and honed over many years, being a great gift giver is also a skill that everyone can get better at. Keep reading for our best tried-and-true tips.

Think about your recipient:

What types of things does the person you’re gifting love? What places, foods, totally random things do they surround themselves with and gravitate towards? The stories, tastes, and even personality quirks of your loved ones make for the best gift inspiration!

Be authentic:

Have a meaningful reason for giving the gift that you give— don’t just settle for something fancy or in fashion. This means loving what you’re gifting, too, and probably wanting one for yourself (but knowing that it's going to really make your recipient's day, more than anything).

Trust your favorite tastemakers:

There is an abundance of amazing resources to get inspired and discover new, gorgeous things. Follow the lead of your favorite shops, head to seasonal maker fairs (in Los Angeles, we love the Echo Park Craft Fair) where it’s easier than ever to find something just right, and a little bit special.

Care about the story:

Lots of people are interested in the story behind an object– who made it, where it came from, what purpose they serve... When we know these details, an object tends to resonate more deeply. We recommend digging into the story of whatever you are giving, and sharing those details with who you are gifting, too!

Become inspired by a feeling: 

We like to try to evoke a mood or feeling with our gifts, even if we're giving something functional. For example, our spa boxes aim to evoke sweet indulgence, our tea gift box peace and tranquility, our baking box the joy and warmth of gathering in the kitchen to bake a pie. Getting inspired by an idea, rather than strict necessity, elevates the gift and invites whomever you're gifting to engage with it on more than just a material level.

Be a little bit extravagant:

Gifts are such a fun opportunity to give someone something they might never buy for themselves. While it’s important to keep things at least somewhat practical—you don’t want to give something that the person will never use or that will go straight to storag—don't forget to have fun. Splurge a little on something they'll love and use and rather than feeling frivolous, it will feel special.

Homemade or handmade is a nice touch:

Knowing that what you are gifting is one of a kind makes the gift extra special and luxurious. If you love crafting, make sure you feel comfortable with whatever skill you’ll be using to make the gift before setting out to DIY– Do a test run before! If you’re not crafty, buying handmade items from local artisans on Etsy or at craft sales, or customizing a gift with a monogram feels thoughtful as well. We love being able to offer this handmade element with each of our gifts.

Really think about the details:

Give extra thought to everything about your gift: from the box to the wrapping to card you (hand) write! Consider the packaging as an extension of the gift itself and remember it’s the personal thought that makes a gift really special. It is not about perfection.

Shop our range of gifts which we imbue with these guiding principles every step of the way.

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