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Mother's Day & More with Pottery Barn

Mother's Day & More with Pottery Barn

I spent a lovely afternoon talking with Pottery Barn about the importance of having a peaceful place to recharge (my studio!), simplicity for the sake of making space for special moments, my great great aunt's sewing box that served her well from France to New Orleans in the 1920s, and why I've come to prioritize "me-time" as a new Mom.

Read on for some excerpts from the interview and photos.


On minimalism, as a mother: "...By simplifying I believe you make more room for special moments. You create space for the beautiful things that add value and enrich your life."

On the design studio and the ritual of space: "I really always had a vision of a space that feels like this—that’s really all about flow—a quiet space to let the ideas through and new inspirations find their way to me amidst the noise. Also, the studio for me speaks to the idea of the ritual of a space—as important as it is for Lillian to have her own room to play and grow, it’s important for each of us to have that as well. The design studio is this for me."

On finding time for mama me-time: "I have come to see how truly important it is to find this time. That’s because the “me time” is as much for Lillian, and my family, as it is for me! The mom I want Lillian to know as an overarching theme is present, happy, grounded and peaceful."


On writing things down: "Something that I’ve been doing since Lillian was born is journaling memories and moments of different things—small little bits, like when she ate her first avocado, and big ones, too, like first steps taken. I love that one day she’ll see this record of these magical moments, all of it in my own handwriting." (Our 'Moments' Journal is available in our Family & Baby Keepsake Gift Box, Bedside Gift Box, and Indulgence Spa Gift Box)

Read the rest of the interview over on Pottery Barn! Photos by Brittany Wood.

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