Ikebana - Inspired How - To gifts

Ikebana - Inspired How - To gifts

We recently partnered with Bri, the founder and creative talent behind the lovely lifestyle blog Designlovefest, to create custom gifts for her annual Friendsgiving dinner. What a fun project indeed! Bri envisioned an evening of luxe, layered and bold details with touches of lavenders, velvet and warm golds for her decor, and we built some gifts inspired by her direction. 

In the studio, we created what we believe to be the perfect Ikebana-inspired floral arranging kit for this season. 

The Ikebana style, which focuses on creating beautiful forms and the art of balance, offers a simplified take on holiday and can be displayed in your home for any gatherings you have planned this season.

Creative projects such as these are some of our favorites....We created custom cards and how - to's as well (more on that below)....We painted the tops of each of our signature wooden boxes with a beautiful shade of lavender and added a bold brush stroke in gold. We're truly in love with the final outcome.We’ve included a simple how - to for you below.


  • Dried florals
  • Bud Vase
  • Floral Scissors 

 Some things to keep in mind before you start...

  • Look for geometrically-driven florals of all shapes and sizes
  • Because you’ll be using dried florals, you’ll need a slender bud vase with a small spout to prop up and style your stems
  • If possible, arrange in a quiet , peaceful environment 
First, lay out all of your blooms and consider the variety of shapes of each element and how they interact with one another. 

Next, you’ll want to establish a base by placing larger stems first followed by thinner stems. We recommend cutting each stem at different heights to play with asymmetry, form, and aesthetics. As you’re arranging, try to maintain space between each element to create a simplistic look. An element of Ikebana focuses on preserving space between the blooms and creating a balanced, pleasing look. Trust yourself and enjoy - there really is no wrong way to arrange! 




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