gifting, wrapping and time-saving seasonal tips with Goop.

gifting, wrapping and time-saving seasonal tips with Goop.

A few weeks ago, Goop came for a visit to our new studio! We're all fans of Gwyneth, her team, and the very thorough content and point of view they put out into the world.

Their team was a pleasure to work with and not only did we get to chat about my favorite subject (gifting, of course), we literally laughed the whole time. And who doesn't love an afternoon like that? Take a peek into the studio and see below for some of our go-to tips for breezing through the season. 

Keep A Toolkit: In our home, we keep a gifting toolkit year round. It’s a time saver to know that you have a special basket stored away that holds scissors that will always be there when you need them, blank or messaged gift tags, cards for any occasions, and of course, multiple rolls of double-stick tape. Stock up throughout the year on wrapping or ribbons you love, or paper you come across on your travels. I like to keep a stash of flat folding boxes in odd sizes along with tissue paper to have on hand for that oddly shaped item you need to wrap quickly.

Make things easy by choosing a theme or wrapping for the season. I love a kraft or cream-colored wrapping paper that can be embellished with toppers (more on that below). This season, I’m opting for monochromatic neutral foliage, pops of metallic, natural greenery, and velvet ribbons in faded rose and burgundy.

Go - to wrapping tip: Toppers are my favorite way to elevate any gift wrap presentation, and they’re easy to make. Mini wreaths are my go-to during the holiday season. They’re the perfect craft for kids during a holiday gathering—adults can have cocktails, and the kids can sit around the kitchen table and make them. I tend to create multiples at a time so I always have them on hand. I love knowing that people keep these and repurpose them too.

What You’ll Need:

  • Seasonal foliage like rosemary, magnolia leaves, and berries

  • Wild grapevine wreaths

  • Velvet ribbon

  • Floral Scissors


  1. Cut your foliage options ahead of time so you can just pick out individual pieces and place them on the wreath. (Consider cutting them in different lengths—the variation in size will add a natural feel.) I like to give mine an extra-festive feel by spray painting them with gold paint.

  2. Start from the outer edges of the wreath and work your way to the center, inserting foliage into the openings. With a little pressure, the foliage will stay securely in place without the need for floral wire. Work your way around the wreath, filling it with different kinds (and lengths) of foliage for a loose and natural feel.

  3. Secure the wreath to the top of your gift with velvet ribbon.

Rely on Tech: When it comes to the holidays, rely on the everyday, basic apps and tools that are already a part of your daily routine to come to the rescue. Pinterest is obviously a great go-to for tracking online finds, adding reminder notes, and of course, making private boards.

I use Google docs to create a simple, multi-tab spreadsheet that you can share as needed. Create a tab for each group: family, friends, and colleagues. From left to right, create a column for recipient names, product or Pinboard link, notes, and a column for past gifts given as well.

I love the Evernote app on my phone. It’s such a simple interface that can be used as you would a Post-It. You can create individual notes for different people. (I often jot down a gift idea after I’ve just, say, seen someone for lunch.) It makes remembering those personal details so much easier.

Make your list + check it twice: Jot down a list of your gift recipients about a month ahead of time. Do it over morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. I promise you that taking thirty minutes to think about this before the season is truly in full swing is a great way to make sure you feel on top of things. This also allows for easy additions along the way. Adding one person is much easier than scrambling to put together a list the week before the holidays.

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