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A Chat With Simone and Hatch’s Ariane Goldman

A Chat With Simone and Hatch’s Ariane Goldman

We’re always excited to collaborate with inspiring people. Ariane Goldman, the creative force behind HATCH Collection—a line of stylish, easy clothing designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy—is someone we’ve admired for a while and we jumped at the chance to do something together.

The result is a special limited-edition gift box that arrives just in time for Mother’s Day. The Hatch X Simone LeBlanc Good to Glow Gift Box is perfect for expecting moms, busy moms (what mom isn’t, btw?), and any woman at any stage of her life that enjoys a gathering of mindful, lovely things.

An equally important part of this gift is giving back. A portion of the proceeds from each Good to Glow Gift Box is donated to The Alliance of Moms—an organization close to their hearts.

Simone and Ariane sat down to talk about the inspiration behind this new collaboration and the balance of motherhood and blossoming businesses.

How did you two first meet?

SL: I’ve admired Ari for a while and we’ve had a few “almost” encounters, but we finally were able to meet recently at the studio when she visited L.A.

AG: Honestly, I’ve been a fan of Simone’s for years—and many a time the recipient of her incredible work—so I was thrilled when the collaborative idea bounced between us.

Tell us a little about the inspiration for the box and the name, “Good To Glow”?

SL: For Mother’s Day, we loved the idea of creating something beautiful and meaningful for the deserving mommas out there—a gift box that would connect to their hearts. We talked a lot about the woman—the pregnant woman, the busy mom, the mom that travels—women in general and how we all deserve a bit of self-care, self-love, and me time. We also loved the cheeky play on words. As women, we’re always “good to go”. What if we were, first and foremost, “good to glow”? And how can we inspire her to nourish her “glow”?

AG: I think we’re talking to the same woman: Someone who wants to feel chic and comfortable, and retain style through everything. Simone’s work takes all of these beautiful things people make and folds them into this extraordinary experience, and I wanted that for HATCH! As two moms—the moment in time just made sense.

How did you decide what to include?

SL: As busy moms ourselves, we thought…”What would we want?” “What would we want the women that receive this to dive into?” We chose pieces we love from our own collections and  that together would create a personal moment. Each element is about indulgence and easy luxury. Gathered together, they create a sort of ceremony of self-care.

AG: Our Nightgown is incredibly popular, both for women who have just had babies (and need easy access for night-feeding) and any woman who just wants an unfettered, luxurious cotton nightgown. We threw in our cashmere socks as well, because...cashmere ;) Honestly, Simone really mapped the rest of the box—she is so unbelievably talented at making it all come together.

How do you want women to feel when they receive the gift box?

SL: Like they’re laying in the middle of a soft field of wildflowers, being warmed by sunbeams, with cumulus clouds softly floating by.

AG: Treasured. Spoiled. Relaxed.

Any personal favorite items in the gift box?

SL: Our Ember candle is my current favorite. The scent is soft and smoky with a slight sweetness that slowly envelops. And I’m obsessed with the Hatch cashmere socks—so cozy. They’re my Sunday-morning-with-a-paper-on-the-couch go-to.

AG: Quartz...what a beautiful element to complement our products. And the candle is yummy!

What do you admire about each other’s brands?

SL: When I met Ari in person, I was struck by her genuine and honest approach to how she views her business as a whole, and most importantly, the woman she designs for. She thinks big, but knows that the nuances and minutia matter just as much. “How does she (her customer) feel in my clothing?” “What can we do better for her?” “What does she need?” I approach my business in a similar way—always thinking about our customers; anticipating their needs, thinking about how to take care of them and create gifts that are perfectly right for them to make their lives better. I also just love the modernity and freshness of her collection.

AG: Making women feel happy is incredibly important to me and to what HATCH offers. Simone's curation makes women happy daily in their private moments. Secret smiles.
She’s just awesome.

How do you balance successful creative careers and motherhood?

SL: Instinct and discipline are key to bringing all of the parts together, flexibility to roll with it all falling apart, and resilience to get back up and pull it all together. And within all of that—making time to be present with your child, your partner, and yourself.

AG: Patience and hard work. It’s an amazing lesson in bending time!

What do you like to do when you get some of that rare “me time”?

SL: Early morning yoga, followed by a delicious cup of coffee and a deep dive into my favorite magazines.

AG: It’s rare, but I honestly just try to exercise whenever I have a yoga is so vital. If I get really lucky, I’ll find myself at a massage at The Greenwich Hotel, followed by a walk through ABC Carpet & Home for inspo.

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