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Holiday Goodness With Holly and Becky of Hollyflora

Holiday Goodness With Holly and Becky of Hollyflora

We've been working with the ladies behind Los Angeles-based floral studio Hollyflora, Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman, for quite a while now. Their arrangements always add that special something to our gifts that make everyone smile and sigh with delight. With long careers of floral work under their collective belts, Holly and Becky pivot effortlessly to create stunning arrangements in all different styles and moods. We're so thankful to call them collaborators!

Read on for an exclusive interview where Holly and Becky tell us about how they create, go-to flowers for the season, their favorite gifts to give and receive, and more.

Simone LeBlanc Studio: How did you come to meet Simone and how long have you worked together?
Hollyflora: We met Simone through our dear friend heather Taylor. We have worked together for roughly three years. We got to know one another while dreaming up her wedding flowers .

SL: How do you approach the arrangements that you create for Simone LeBlanc gifts?
HF: We discuss her vision, collect the most subtly beautiful blooms, and cut a little from our garden.

SL: What are some of your favorite flowers to use year-round?
HF: Passion flower, ranunculus, garden roses, banksia.

SL: During the holiday season?
HF: Rose hips, magnolia branches, cyclamen, aloe blossoms, poppies, peonies, combo roses...

SL: What is your approach to creating your stunning floral works?
HF: We are seduced by modernity but have a strong hold in the old world. We try and blend the two.

SL: Any guiding principles?
HF: Relax, have a clear and organized area to work in, and always try to create movement from right to left as well as left to right.

SL: What gifts do you like to give and receive?
HF: We love giving plants that we grow and hearing our friends tell us how they faired. We love receiving cookbooks that we weren't familiar with, Heather Taylor Home linens, and heirloom seeds.

SL: What is the most memorable or cherished gift you have ever received?
Holly: My husband and our ceramics collaborator Josh Beckman made me a hand built ceramic hippo that blew me away with the time and love it took, as well as the object's ingenuity.
Becky: When I was a kid, my folks had a tradition on our birthdays. They would sneak in to your room and fill the ceiling with colored balloons. I would wake up in the morning and have the instant feeling of "my special day" before I even saw another person. It was wonderful every time.

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