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Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home

Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home

I recently hosted an easy backyard dinner evening with some of my close friends to celebrate our new Host + Gather gift box. The box is designed as the perfect gift to inspire impromptu gatherings, lively conversation, and create memories around beautifully presented food. One of my favorite items in the box is the gorgeous marigold linen set from Heather Taylor Home.

I can tell you first hand that Heather herself is an impeccable host (as well as a dear friend), so it makes perfect sense that her eponymous linen collection is not only beautiful but feels as if it naturally belongs in every home. Heather has a talent for making guests feel instantly at ease and her collection is an extension of that sensibility. We recently chatted about inspired palettes, hosting go - to's and of course, gifting. 

Simone: I love how LA in Bloom revolves so much around your personal experiences of food, hosting, and gatherings. Was the idea of creating your Heather Taylor Home collection inspired by LA in Bloom?

Heather: I think they were both inspired by my desire to slow down and create something beautiful. That can mean enjoying a cup of coffee in a special teacup or arranging fresh flowers or using beautiful napkins for dinner for one. Both projects come from my interest in taking pride in everyday living.  

Simone: The gold color in your tea towels is so vibrant, and a hue that I see pop up in your life in many ways. Would you say this is a signature color of yours?

Heather: It’s very hard to pick a favorite color, but I tend to gravitate towards anything in the sand to marigold range. I use these shades for work (tea towels), home design (my front door), and cooking (I’ll throw in Turmeric whenever I can). Even when I was selecting yarn to knit a sweater for my baby daughter I went for the gold. It’s both neutral and special and I can’t get enough!

Simone: Your linens make such great host/hostess gifts. When it comes to gifting, do you prefer to give or be gifted?

Heather: Finding the perfect gift for someone you love is such a satisfying and can be downright thrilling if you’ve really nailed it. That being said, who doesn’t love receiving a thoughtful gift?   

Simone: What's your favorite gift that you've been ever given?

Heather: The ring my husband gave me on the night our daughter was born. He worked with our friend Grace Lee to design a rose gold and pearl band. It’s a really special piece that will always remind me of that night.

Simone: I know from first-hand experience that you are a wonderful host. What's your essential ingredient for hosting a gathering?

Heather: Good friends, great wine, a house cocktail, a killer playlist, chic linens, no-cook appetizers, homemade dessert, fresh flowers and good lighting.  

Simone: I couldn't agree more! 

All pictures courtesy of Heather Taylor. Read more about our evening here, on LA In Bloom. 

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