Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\
Comfort & Care\

Comfort & Care

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Designed to be a nurturing, healing gesture for those deserving of some special consideration and care, this array of artisanal finds like tea and honey, and that will help to make dear friends and family feel thought of and nourished.

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Product Details

Our Pastoral Candle. This hand-poured, soy-wax candle has a light, refreshing scent of basil, jasmine, and bay. It will become a favorite for every room. Burn Time: 40 hours

Our “Thoughts & Ideas” Journal. Our perfect bound keepsake diary is ideal for capturing thoughts & ideas.

Bee Raw Honey. It’s a nourishing addition to a cup of tea or drizzled over yogurt and granola. 

Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant. Striking and sculptural, this air plant grows without soil, nourished by water and air. It’s an ideal addition to any low-maintenance indoor garden. 4”-5” inches. 

Daybreak Chocolate Bar by Simone LeBlanc x Valerie Confections. When night turns to day. Our dark chocolate bar created in collaboration with Valerie Confections studded with bits of her signature almond toffee, toasted almonds and fleur de sel. Packaged to match the exceptional quality of product, using minimal design to highlight the integrity of the ingredients.

Our Golden Nectar Tea. A calming and delightful cup, this is an organic, non-caffeinated blend inspires a calming and bright mood. Made in collaboration with an atelier in California. Our new 2 oz. vessel holds loose leaf tea that can be brewed for up to 20 cups.

Brass Spoon. A thoughtfully simple item designed for daily use; a small, lightweight spoon in beautifully polished brass.

SL Watercolor Notecard Set. A simple watercolor design make our own notecards a beautiful gift for all, for every season. Designed to inspire moments of saying thank you, remember when's or simply, just because. Set of 4 with envelopes included

Simone LeBlanc Keepsake Wood Box. Reusable and just right for storing heirlooms or mementos.

 Box Size:
14 x 8 x 5 inches