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 Inspired Gifts, Expertly Given. 




We believe gifts tell a story. We’ve seen how they connect people, make memories, and deepen relationships. It is what drives us to reinvent the modern-day gift box every day, choosing quality over quantity, longevity over ephemera.

Our personal, authentic approach has garnered us loyal customers and high-profile devotees. But we’re most proud of the feeling someone has when they receive a Simone LeBlanc gift box. The genuine delight is the result of pursuing exceptional, distinctive products, crafting an elegant presentation, and adding thoughtful touches.

From concept to creation, we take this unique approach to each and every gift.

In short, inspired gifts, expertly given.



Simone LeBlanc has always been drawn to beautiful objects and uncovering the stories they told. As a personal life-stylist, she spent countless hours doing just that...concepting, curating, and creating the gifts that made her clients’ visions come to life.

When searching for a single go-to source for exceptional gifts, Simone realized there was no destination that offered the elevated, at-the-ready gifts she needed.

Armed with experience, enviable address book, and artist’s vision for creating beautifully sophisticated gifts, Simone launched her namesake website in 2014.

Today, her company is the trusted source for refined gifts with emotional resonance--gifts for those looking to celebrate life’s occasions in a whole new way.