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We work to make your gift memorable. 


 Our guests were thrilled with their welcome gifts. They were absolutely perfect and beyond how I imagined they would turn out.


"People have really loved all of the gorgeous holiday packages the details are where they all just go on and on.


Giving a holiday gift to 350 people is no easy task, but Simone managed to make the process seamless. Our contacts loved the gifts, and so did we.



Everything was simply perfect. You are Magic!


Simone’s gifts feel high end, yet personal. Hers are my favorite gifts to give.


Simone makes it easy to be thoughtful. She has great taste and always knows how to convey what I can’t quite say with beauty and ease.

 I look forward to an opportunity to spoil someone with another gift from you.


My friend received her gift today and she said it is the most beautiful gift she has ever received....this coming from an artist and world traveller.