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Finely Crafted | Candlelight Moments

Finely Crafted | Candlelight Moments

The brightness of the spring season brings with it natural balance: a daily stretch of pre-dawn darkness. And with it, an opportunity to insert early-morning light before heading off into the day.

Setting aside a quiet morning moment for a candlelight meditation creates serenity, clarity, and balance. A simple ritual, requiring only a glowing candle, a quiet space, measured breathing, and a few minutes of time.

When presented as a gift, a simple candle can help establish a new ritual, bringing with it the presence of rich new light and transformative scent. Our signature S/L hand-poured soy wax candle in Ember offers a layered, delicate essence of rich warm cedar, vanilla smoke, and birch, creating another layer of sensory experience as part of a morning meditation.

As an elevated and tactile touch, we wrap each candle in a beautiful remnant of 100% linen, and top with our signature floral bundle. Each is hand-poured in Los Angeles and features a lengthy forty-hour burn time: enough for countless mornings of brightened balance and grounding serenity.