Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe
Relaxation Deluxe

Relaxation Deluxe

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“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.”
—John De Paola

The Relaxation Deluxe Gift Box is the refined renewing experience. Fresh apothecary selections made from therapeutic botanical ingredients, all natural sea sponge and more make for a gift that feels as good to give as it does to get. A perfectly versatile and of the moment gift box for the year's many special occasions, including fall holidays, birthdays, milestones, or just because.


Each Relaxation Deluxe includes:

Gathered by SL Shell. As beautiful as it is healing, this natural element makes a meaningful addition to every home.

Binu Binu Seshin Korean Body Scrub. All-natural scrub inspired by the revelatory “cleaner-than-clean” Korean bath house treatment. Made with detoxifying sea salt, crushed black sesame seed, and volcanic ash that promotes circulation and smooth skin texture.

Binu Tea Ceremony Soap. Made from antioxidant-rich green tea and herbaceous essential oils, this clay soap creates a calming cleansing experience.

Baudelaire Natural Sea Sponge. A natural, hand-harvested sea sponge. Its soft texture makes a wonderful lather.

Sachajuan Citrus Body Wash. Exhilarating scents of fresh citrus, coriander, and jasmine, this body wash cleanses, hydrates and soothes your skin.

Sachajuan Citrus Lotion. Anti-aging and anti-irritant properties infuse this body lotion imparts skin with a silky touch and a subtle scent of fresh citrus, coriander, and jasmine.

Simone LeBlanc Studio Pastoral Candle. This hand-poured, soy-wax candle has a light, refreshing scent of basil, jasmine, and bay. Burn Time: 40 hours 

Gathered by SL Turkish Bath Towel. A double-layer, 100% cotton towel is woven by artisans in Turkey and finished with hand-knotted fringe.

Tillandsia Air Plant. This easy to care for air plant adds a bit of life to any home. Care instructions included.

Signature Simone LeBlanc Keepsake Wood Box. Handmade in Los Angeles. Reusable and just right for storing heirlooms or mementos.

Menu with an inspirational quote and component details.

Personalized Packaging Details - Optional handwritten note or sentiment.

Box Size:
15” x 12” x 5” H

Order Processing:
2-3 Business Days