Mind, Body, Spirit Suite
Mind, Body, Spirit Suite
Mind, Body, Spirit Suite
Mind, Body, Spirit Suite
Mind, Body, Spirit Suite
Mind, Body, Spirit Suite

Mind, Body, Spirit Suite

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“Immerse yourself in the energy of what you desire.” -Hiro Boga

Simplistic moments to celebrate new beginnings and inspire a fresh perspective. In calming tones of gold and white, a gift of keepsake mementos and sensory indulgences to clear a path and encourage her to take the time to create her own desires. Designed specifically to inspire and celebrate a new beginning, personal growth, a fresh start. The perfect sentiment for celebrating new beginnings, fall holidays, birthdays, weddings, congratulations and most any other occasion at hand.

    Each Mind, Body, Spirit Suite includes:

    Simone LeBlanc Studio “Dreams + Wishes” Journal. Our perfectly bound book cloth keepsake diary.

    Yoke Ayurveda Apothecary Ritual Incense. Hand dipped in essential oils, this soft frankincense and myrrh blend has been used for centuries to inspire spiritual energies within.

    Saikai Brass Incense Ball. Lovely in its simplicity, this Japanese-designed incense holder is an artful accessory.

    Fog Linen Brass Coaster. Timeless yet modern. To be used as a coaster, a trivet or a catch-all for any simple items.

    Gathered By SL Quartz Geode. A unique geode to fill the home with charm, vision, and optimism.

    Simone LeBlanc Signature Cotton Bag. Our soft cotton bag with Japanese waxed twine drawstring. To be used again for home organizing and travel.

    Signature Paperboard Box. Fine oatmeal-hued cotton paper with a custom foil stamped logo, it can later be put to use as a catch-all around the home.

    Menu with an inspirational quote and component details.

    Personalized Packaging Details - Optional handwritten note or sentiment.

    Box Size:
    7.75” x 5.25” x 3”

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